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Looking to cut down on expenses for overpriced high speed internet? There is no reason why your enterprise can’t enjoy the reliable internet connection, unlimited data, high speeds and superb customer support at low prices. Sign up now and see first-hand that you can have it all.

we offer :

    • pts_iconsEnterprise-ready Dedicated Connectivity

      Ensure the most reliable and secure internet connection with dedicated connectivity. Prestige Broadband offers solutions for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. In case your needs have grown, or your employees are sharing large amounts of data, and if there are many users on your network and you need more bandwidth, or simply a more reliable and safer connection for your business, we suggest you switch to our Dedicated Connectivity.

  • pts_iconsReliable & Mission Critical in Every Situation

    Come rain or shine, Prestige Broadband provides an internet connection in even the most troubling times. No matter what the issues are, we will work through them all, so you can still be connected. Our response teams are always on stand-by. And by having a direct connection to Prestige Broadband you reduce latency improving your data response times and access speeds.

  • pts_iconsTop Security

    We understand that Enterprises operate with sensitive data on their day to day basis and that your data IS your business. That is why Prestige Broadband not only provides a reliable internet connection, but a secure one too. All your data will be safe since it’s not routed through the internet, and the overall risk of interception is reduced to a minimum.

  • pts_iconsCompelling Rates

    As with all businesses, the main goal is to achieve the highest possible revenue and return on investment. And so far, highly reliable and secure connectivity comes with a price. But Prestige Broadband has the right solutions and plans to offer its business clients, at such great rates! See what we can do for your business and see for yourself that you can have it all!