Freequently Asked Questions

How many devices can i have on one connection?

You can have virtually unlimited number on devices per one connection.

I want to connect more computers on one connection. Can i do that?

If you want to connect more computers, you will need a wired or a wireless router, which will “split” your internet connection amongst the devices.

What kind of a computer do i need to have for this internet connection?

You need any kind of a computer that has an ethernet port. Most computers since 2005 come with these, but if you don’t have one, you can purchase it for not more than $20 at most local computer shops.

What do i need for the installation?

Absolutely nothing. You can sit back and relax while our highly qualified technicians find the best spot for the antenna. Then they will proceed with mounting the equipment.

What do i have to pay for, in order to start using your services?

Once you sign up for prestige broadband, and we process your submission, you will only have to pay for one-time basic installation and after that the agreed monthly fee for your unlimited data high speed internet. That is all.

How long does it take to perform an installation?

Once the technicians find the best spot, you can be surfing online in two hours or less.

I really don’t want more cables and drill holes in my house. Is there a way to avoid this?

Our technicians will do their best to place the cable in such manner that it will follow the rain gutters as much as possible, and to use the existing utility hole in the wall of your phone line, or a previous connection.

How come your rates are so low, compared to the competition?

Prestige broadband is offering such competitive prices because we provide high speed internet and supreme customer support. Other, bigger companies invest more into marketing and are sales oriented. Which is why they often lose focus, lose quality of service, and offer poor customer support. We want to provide best of the best – low priced internet at high speeds, thus investing into you, as our client. Your satisfaction in our service is the main motivator to do more and give you more. We are fine with keeping it small, and by doing so intentionally we are sure to allot the required amount of time and level of service you deserve. We never lose sight of what’s really important – a satisfied client.